‘COVID-19: A Guide to Action’ is a compilation of available practical information regarding COVID-19. This is the result of voluntary and selfless work by members of Celera, within our action framework to face the COVID-19 outbreak.

This guide constitutes a tool for quickly checking updated and verified information about the coronavirus pandemic. It may prove useful for governments, companies, universities and other institutions. However, it should never be taken as a recommendation about the described issues.

In this document you may find key information regarding:

  • The origin and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Diagnostic and prevention techniques
  • COVID-19 symptoms and progression
  • Ongoing clinical trials
  • Resources for health professionals
  • Data analysis of the pandemic
  • Government actions for different sectors
  • Good practices and instructional materials

The initiative came to light after Carlos Bort  – one of our members – carried out a data science study about the COVID-19 spread with the Government of Ecuador. Given the social implications of the coronavirus crisis and the pressing needs in different countries, soon other members joined the project. To carry out this action guide, Celerado’s from different generations have come together: Sandra Cifuentes (G1), Isabel Paz (G2), María Fernández (G3), Andrea Martos (G4), Jaisalmer de Frutos (G5), Víctor Fanjul (G5), Carlos Bort (G5), Manuel Esbrí (G6), Laura Díaz (G6), Marta García (G6) and Daniel Torralba (G6). The resulting volunteer team is composed by Biomedical Researchers, Data Scientists, University Professors, Lawyers and experts in International Relations. A multidisciplinary workforce who combine different points of views in the matter at hand.

Finally, it is important to note that the team is keeping the guide updated. Also, in order to make the report more accessible, it has already been translated into English and  French.

If you want to download the guide or want to read more about it, visit the web: www.covid19actionguide.com